Exclusive, High Intent Homeowner Leads For Your Sales Team

We're so confident in our ability to consistently deliver quality leads that generate ROI for you, over and over again… if we can’t hit your ROI targets, we’ll fire ourselves.

Are you a contractor looking for high-quality homeowner leads?

Are you sick of paying premium prices for leads that are NOT profitable?

Are you struggling to keep your calendars booked, while other contractors are bragging about the flood of new leads and jobs hitting their inbox?

Is your sales team spending hours on appointments with prospects that lack the intent to hire a contractor?

Are you tired of losing opportunities from Angi/Home Advisor leads because prospects are being bombarded by estimates from multiple contractors who bought the same lead?

Are your salespeople constantly competing with lower-priced, lesser-qualified contractors who offer rock-bottom pricing just to keep their crews busy?

Do your salespeople waste too much time chasing poor-quality leads that fail to end in sales or even demos?

Have you bought leads that don’t meet your marketing cost/ROI targets?

Are you tired of unreliable lead sources holding back the growth of your contracting business?

Are you skeptical about trying new lead sources with the flood of “gurus” who pretend to be experts in home improvement marketing, but are actually out of touch with your target customer?

The problem is… many of the leads you buy are overpriced… but you don’t know which ones are the good ones, and which ones are underperforming.

Now, thankfully, you DO NOT need to be an expert at running ads, or generating leads to be successful. Instead you need a partner who:\

  1. Has the capability to generate leads for your trade that meet your quality and volume needs

  2. Is willing to take the financial risk so you only pay for the lead

  3. Optimizes your campaigns based on your ROI

Over the past 12 years, while we’ve been running multi-million dollar ad campaigns for some well-known brands, we’ve also been generating tens of thousands of leads in the home improvement space.

We have found the key to success is tailoring our campaigns so our clients are profitable.

So far the results have been amazing…

So here is the thing, most lead providers are not as transparent as they could be. We know because we’ve bought leads from most of them. We’ve bought many thousands of leads, called them, set appointments, all the follow up.

What we've been able to do is validate which leads work… and throw out the ones that don’t. We’ve also innovated along the way. As a result, we’re constantly building new advertising campaigns that produce a high volume of consistent quality leads… that hit the target ROI for most of our clients.

It’s why several large, multi-state, and national home improvement brands are comfortable automatically reordering ALL the leads we can send them every week. Because we’ve figured out how to generate consistent volume and quality leads that match up with our clients’ ROI targets.

And so, after seeing dozens of so-called “home services marketing experts” sell leads that over promise and under deliver, the time has come for us to pull the curtain on Home Appointments High-Intent - Exclusive Lead Program.

It is perfect for contractors in any of these high-ticket trades:

  1. Roof replacement

  2. Solar

  3. Bathroom remodel

  4. Siding replacement

  5. Kitchen remodel

  6. Window replacement


Step 1: Get your calendars booked (with the right prospects) -

We turn on campaigns targeting homeowners in your target zips, currently seeking a contractor for what you offer. Next, we start generating leads at the right pace for you to fill the empty space in your calendars. Within 2-3 weeks, we’re generally able to align lead volume with your desired number of weekly leads needed to fill open calendar space.

Step 2: Dial-in lead quality -

We analyze a spectrum of data points each week including sales, appointments set, leads returned, ROI, so we can make adjustments to your campaigns to improve your bottom line results.

Step 3: Turn up the volume -

Now that you have established a new reliable way to bring high intent homeowners that return the ROI you need to scale, next we turn up the weekly lead volume... then hire more salespeople to scale your contracting business.

The end result is a more consistent, higher intent, and more profitable lead source.

Does that sound interesting?

If yes, then let’s hop on a quick call to have a conversation and see if it’s a fit.

With your success in mind, every client participates in all of these additional perks:

Success Perk #1: White Glove CRM Integration - Regardless of the CRM your team uses, we'll work with you to set up automatic lead delivery directly into your follow-up system. You can execute your follow-up process as usual, and we can extract vital results data to be used to optimize our campaigns.

Success Perk #2: Lead Screening Software -We use Active Prospect to filter out bad contact info and fake leads. Having our hand on the pulse of every lead creates a "quality control" system that benefits our clients by only sending leads from proven sources and funnels.

100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE

  • ROI Promise: We consistently optimize towards your ideal ROI. If we don't meet your ROI criteria within 90-120 days, we'll fire ourselves.

Overall, you are getting everything you need to crack the code on getting leads that provide an ROI.

A partner willing to make the investment, and do all the work to generate the lead... you simply pay for the end result, valid leads… and provide ROI feedback data for optimization.

You also get our deep expertise in paid media. The analytics to determine profitability. The delivery system to pipe leads into your CRM. The creativity and innovation to stay a step ahead of the competition. The support to guide you through every step.

What is the investment?

We have clients spending upwards of $250,000 on ads each month to generate leads for over $200 each.

We also have clients spending over $120 per lead to buy shared leads from Home Advisor.

I assure you, however, your customized campaign is priced according to your location and trade ... not some arbitrary or inflated price per lead.

If you’ve read this far then you must believe we can build something great together.

Let’s hop on a call to see if it’s a fit. I’ll answer all of your questions. Then you can decide where we go from there.

We're opening up our Exclusive Leads Service to select contractors and remodelers all over the United States.

We currently have major clients in taking a large portion of our available volume in certain trades and areas…

But we still have available lead volume in various trades and in many cities.

To apply, click here to schedule a call and fill out the application.

Then fill out the application on the next page when you book your complimentary growth session with our team.

All the best,

Mike Symonds

Co-founder, Home Appointments

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